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Henlo Guys! :)

This is my first visual novel title called Trial of Heroes. I just got my hands on Ren'Py and its an amazing tool! :D

If you think the art is somehow familiar, let me remind you a little bit XD. So. I just play an amazing visual novel called AOKANA. And it's AMAZING. The art, the story, and the music is amazing! That's why i tried my best to imitate the art, and make my own story with the style of Suzumori (AOKANA's Illustrator). And don't get me wrong, i'm not tracing or whatsoever. Everything is pure from my own hand drawing :)

So. In this early prototype of the game, i want to try things up from the CG, Music Integration, and custom scene that i can make with Ren'Py. I have no idea about the story yet, but i think i can make it and i hope to release it this year. 

What's done:

  • 1 CG done (You can see the cg art in the cover image).
  • 2 Background done.
  • 1 Character is done but lacking expressions. I have to work again on the expression so it would make a better experience. :)
  • Story drafts (15%)
  • Routes Flowcharts (40%)

What's next:

  • Need to finish another character sprites as well as the unfinished expression sprites.
  • Main menu CG Art.
  • Main menu Customization.
  • User Interface Customization.
  • Characters sheet.

I will do my best to update the devlog and progress every Wednesday, so stay tuned! :)

Development log

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